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Medicare Savings Advisors is a local, Medicare Certified Insurance Agency which specializes in Medicare health plans and is dedicated to making the health insurance shopping experience less confusing and less stressful for you. Whether you’re enrolling in Medicare for the first time or reviewing your plan annually, we can help you navigate the Medicare maze. We will take the time to fully explain all the benefits you have worked hard for and are entitled to, and answer all your Medicare questions. As a 100% independent licensed insurance agency, we are not controlled by any particular insurance company to steer a person onto any one particular plan. We represent all “A” rated or better Medicare Approved Medigap Supplemental Plans so we can offer the LOWEST COST Medicare Supplements in the state. This allows us to always keep our clients best interest at heart and we will only recommend plans that will protect your assets every year.


Mark Dennis … Founder  

Certified Medicare Agent




With seniors now living to an average age of 85, choosing the Wrong Plan and Carrier could potentially cost from $20,000 to $30,000 of unnecessary out of pocket expenses!

We research ALL plans, so you don’t have to!

Making a less than optimal choice in coverage can be costly, which could result in thousands of dollars of unnecessary out-of-pocket expenses.

Choosing a Medicare Plan can be difficult and frustrating.  Medicare Savings Advisors can guide you through the Medicare maze and help find the right plan for you.

By performing extensive yearly Medicare Plan study comparisons, we help people understand the confusing and drastic changes that occur EVERY year of Medicare.

We represent ALL “A” rated or better Medicare Approved Medigap Supplemental Plans and offer the LOWEST COST Medicare Supplements in the state.

This allows us to always keep your best interest at heart every year; We will only recommend plans that will protect your assets and allow you to continue to see your personal doctor.

As a 100% independent agency, we are not controlled by any particular insurance company to steer a person onto any one particular plan.

Our complete and comprehensive knowledge of Medicare and Medicare Supplement laws secures our clients’ rights and gives them the most up to date understanding of their benefits. As a nonpartisan, unbiased, and impartial educator, we also teach how to get the Best Part D Rx Drug plan at the lowest prices every year.


“This is an absolute necessity for anyone who is facing Medicare. You get to talk to a person who gets to know your unique situation and helps you identify the best plans for you.”

“The service was so valuable to me. I had no idea what plan to choose and the Medicare Savings Advisors  helped me understand my options.“

“I appreciated the ease of use with this service. It took all the stress out of the Medicare selection process.“

“The various plans, coverages, costs deadlines and other regulatory issues were a bit confusing to us and we knew we needed some wise counsel. Mark (at Medicare Savings Advisors) knew when to listen and how to visualize the concerns coming from us ‘everyday’ people.“



in a Medicare insurance plan a member of our Client Service Team will reach out to you a few weeks after your effective date. We’ll confirm you received your policy and ID cards, answer any questions you have about using your new benefits, and give you direct contact numbers for our Client Service Team where you can call to get immediate help on anything  – from something as simple as reordering a lost ID card to something complex like reconciling claims after a long hospital stay. Whatever you need – we’ll help you through it.


Our Client Service Team reaches out to every single policyholder at least three times a year to make sure that you are satisfied with your policy and to ask whether you have any claims or issues you need help with. Many times we find that our clients do have questions and have just not had the time to call and ask. This kind of follow up will be invaluable to you when you have a busy life and don’t feel like doing research with your spare time.


if you receive a bill for something that you are not sure you owe, simply contact our Client Service Team and fax or email us a copy of the bill.  We will help you with the research and determine whether you truly owe this money or if the medical provider sent it to you in error. It is unbelievably common for healthcare providers to send you a bill before they give the insurance company a chance to pay. Too many people pay these bills without thinking, and then the medical provider gets paid twice – once by you and once by your insurance people. We help you keep those dollars in your wallet.


Most insurance agencies today will not assist with you Part D because it takes a lot of time and the agent commissions are very low. At Medicare Savings Advisors, however, we will always help our Medigap policyholders with their Part D needs. We go through Medicare certifications each year to be qualified to help you review your Part D drug plan each fall during the annual election period for Part D.


Medicare has deadlines for making changes. For example, if you wish to change your drug card, you can only do so during the annual election period from October 15th – December 7th. Since this falls during the holidays, it is easy to be distracted and entirely miss your window. We send email reminders to our policyholders so that important windows like this are not missed.


Use these resources to help you understand Medicare so you can make informed decisions about your health plans.

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